Use of Architectural Drafting Symbols

Published: 06th October 2011
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Engineers make use of a number of icons and symbols, one of which include architectural drafting symbols. These are the icons, which are found on engineering and architectural drawings. The CAD drafting operators or the draftsperson usually does this job of using and placing architectural drafting symbols. These symbols enable them to sketch out drawings in an appropriate manner.

Usually the plans, which portray architectural features, like windows, doors, walls and so on include the architectural drafting symbols. The architectural drafting symbols are also called blueprint symbols and these are used to inform the builders, contractors and plan reviews about a particular architecture.

The concept of architectural drafting symbols is not merely confined to building of infrastructure but also incorporate other trades like structural, plumbing, landscaping or electrical. These symbols are therefore considered to be an important part of blueprint for the engineers, contractors, architects and many more such people.

The task of the architect is very difficult but very important in the construction industry. Earlier architects used to prepare construction designs on paper, which often lead to errors and deficiencies in the finished structure. However, the introduction of architectural drafting has organized the design process. CAD or computer aided design is a digital or virtual form of hand-drawn designs that help to examine the finished models in two or three-dimensional view. When the models are prepared on paper, it is not possible for architects to make sure their internal measurements and a separate design should be developed for each dimension. Architectural drafting provides all the dimensions and measurements in a single picture while saving time and energy, architects and a number of sources.

CAD drafting is not limited to the construction industry, but has quickly spread to many other areas such as mechanical, electrical, aviation, and much more. With the help of CAD models, all the minor details and operation of the product can be easily worked out, they facilitate an inside look of the products too. For example, when an electrical component is designed using CAD you can easily make the design of even the most complicated parts. All this detailed work ultimately leads to better functionality and quality products.

With the growing importance of CAD models in various industries, more and more companies are using CAD drafting services. Not only this, organizations are also getting their old paper drawings converted into digital formats using CAD conversion services.

Author is an experienced CAD drafting professional and often writes about issues related to CAD industry.

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